Teen Leadership

Our Future Leaders

Our youth leadership programs provide an opportunity for young men to learn the skills needed to become tomorrow’s leaders. Choose between our 4-week Counselor in Training program or the Leaders in Training wilderness backpacking trip!

2022 Counselors In Training Program

The CIT program is a 4-week youth leadership program for campers that are currently in or have completed 10th grade. The program is designed to help campers in the transition to counselor, and to develop leadership skills which can be used in school or in the workforce. The CIT experience provides in-depth training in skill development, child development, group dynamics, conflict resolution and more.

Each CIT lives in a cabin with up to 10 other CITs, who are supervised and mentored by the CIT Director. CIT’s typically interact with a large range of campers and staff during their stay. There are plenty of opportunities for CITs to enjoy camp programs and special events!

2022 CIT Program Rates and Dates

  • CIT Session I: June 25 – July 22
  • CIT Session II: July 23 – August 19

Tiered pricing options for the CIT program are:

  • Tier A $1,970
  • Tier B $2,075
  • Tier C $2,175

Recognizing that families have differing abilities to pay, we offer three pricing tiers, which allows parents to choose the price for camp. The camper gets the same great program regardless of the tier they pay! The 4 week CIT program rates include $75 in camp store funds and all changeover weekend costs.


Registration is on a first-come basis. Registration is through our UltraCamp platform, where you can also apply for financial assistance. Please see below for more information on how to register.

Counselor and campers tying rope
Counselors huddling with shirts that read Role Model

2022 Leaders In Training Trip

Our 2022 LIT Trip program will be taking place July 3-9 in the Pharaoh Lake Wilderness. Starting from the Putnam Pond Campground, the group will spend 4 days 3 nights backpacking in the beautiful Adirondack Forest Preserve, containing an abundance of picturesque lakes and ponds. This area provides the right balance between easy accessibility while also maintaining a true-wilderness feel, and contains a robust network of nearly 70 miles of trails, 14 lean-tos, and 38 primitive campsites, allowing for the Trip Leader, with the input of the group, to create a truly unique, personalized experience suitable to backpackers of all skill levels.  If the group is up to the challenge, they may even tackle climbing the 2551 foot Pharaoh Mountain, the highest peak in the Pharaoh Lake Wilderness.

Prior to the trip, participants will participate in a backpacking “crash course” at camp — learning meal planning and food prep, how to operate and field maintain group cooking equipment, how to safely treat water in the backcountry, how to properly fit and pack a backpack, how to set up and make basic field repairs to tents, basic orientation and map reading skills, how to take care of your feet and body while on trail, and Leave No Trace principles. They will continue to build upon these foundations during their wilderness experience, developing leadership and teamwork skills as they play an active role in cooking and cleaning up after meals, treating water, managing group gear, and route planning.

Participants should be physically fit enough to backpack 6-12 miles per day, carrying weights of up to 35 pounds in their pack, and should be comfortable sharing tent and primitive shelter space with other participants. Participants should also have a well-fitting, comfortable, broken-in pair of shoes — trail runners or hiking boots — appropriate for this backcountry experience.


Registration is on a first-come basis. Registration is through our UltraCamp platform, where you can also apply for financial assistance. Please see How to Register at the bottom of this page for more information.

Disclaimer: don’t feel like you need to run out and buy equipment from this list! We don’t want equipment to be a barrier, so if you don’t have something, please reach out and let us know. Camp has a number of these items in reserve that we are happy to loan out. If you have it, though, feel free to bring it!

  • 45-75L backpack.
  • Three season sleeping bag, suitable for warm-cool summer conditions. Down or synthetic.
  • Lightweight, packable pillow.
  • Insulating sleeping pad. A lightweight inflatable pad such as a Thermarest, or a foam pad both do the trick.
  • 2-3 pairs of hiking socks — merino wool, or quick drying synthetic recommended. Avoid cotton!
  • 2 pairs of quick drying underwear.
  • 1 pair of nighttime clothes not to be worn while hiking.
  • Hiking clothes — layers are important! A rain jacket, a warm layer (puffy jacket, fleece midlayer), t shirt, and durable shorts or pants should be included. Cotton and/or jeans are NOT recommended on trail — the fabric tends to get wet and stay wet, losing insulating value which can lead to problems with temperature regulation, and causing potential issues with skin irritation. Quick drying synthetic materials such as polyester, or warmth retaining even while wet materials such as merino wool are more suitable choices.
  • Swimsuit
  • 2 1L water bottles. Nalgenes work, but SmartWater bottles are lighter and plenty durable!
  • Personal hygiene supplies — travel toothbrush and toothpaste, biodegradable soap such as Dr. Bronners, sunscreen, bugspray.
  • Personal mess kit — spoon, bowl/mug.
  • Lightweight trowel, and personal backcountry bathroom supplies.
  • Flashlight/headlamp.
  • Optional “luxury” items include a lightweight journal and pen, a deck of cards, a book, or a lightweight mesh bug head net.
  • Camp provided group equipment: tents, cooking equipment, water treatment supplies, bear bagging supplies, first aid supplies.

Items NOT to bring: knives, electronics, cell phones.

Contact the camp office for more information.

He’s absolutely more confident in himself. He’s more likely to speak up for himself. He’s likely to make his own decision or choice, rather than defer to his older brother or his parents as he was before camp.


How to Register

Registration for all programs takes place through UltraCamp. You will first need to create an account, then you will go through the process of registering for a particular program or session. Additionally, all of the forms needed to attend camp will be found in UltraCamp. The only form you will need to print is the Medical Form, which must be signed by your child’s physician. Be sure to save your account login and password for next year!

Questions? Email camp and our staff will be happy to help!