Overnight Camp

Welcome back!

Two week camps for boys who have completed grades 1-10. One week camp for boys who have completed grades 1-4.

We’re thrilled you’re joining us again!

For over 121 years, YMCA Camp Abnaki has provided campers with a traditional camp program, with an emphasis on character and safety. Our program helps boys develop new friendships, build self-esteem, take a break from technology, and gain a sense of independence while away from home. Tradition meets innovation at Camp Abnaki, as activities like archery and canoeing take place alongside new favorites like the slingshot and ropes courses. Throughout the day, campers engage in all types of fun activities — while internalizing our YMCA core values of Caring, Honesty, Respect, and Responsibility, and our camp motto “Help the Other Fellow.”

Registration is now open!

Muddy campers holding up a ball
Counselor waving hello from a boat with three campers on board

Dates + Fees

2023 Overnight Camp Session Dates

Sessions fill up fast! Please feel free to contact the camp office for information on session availability and waiting lists.

Two-Week Sessions:

Session 1: June 25 – July 7

Session 2: July 9 – July 21: Limited Spots

Session 3: July 23 – August 4: Limited Spots

Session 4: August 6 – August 18


One-Week Sessions:

For boys who are currently in or have completed grades 1 through 4

Session 1a: June 25 – July 1: Waitlist Only

Session 4a: August 6 – August 12: Limited Spots

Cost to Attend

Recognizing that families have differing abilities to pay, we offer three pricing tiers for campers per week.

  • Tier A is our historically low rate and does not fully cover camp operating expenses.
  • Tier B reflects our operating expenses including repairs and maintenance.
  • Tier C helps us to cover long-term depreciation and growth.

Two Week Rates: A: $1,665 / B: $1,915 / C: $2,100

One Week Rate: A: $1,060 / B: $1,145 / C: $1,235

Your choice of tier is voluntary and offers an opportunity for families to support the true cost of operating the camp. The tier you choose in no way influences your camper’s experience. Overnight camp tuition includes a $25 for one week, $45 for two weeks credit for the camp store. Siblings receive a $200 discount for two week overnight camp, or a $125 discount for one week.

Deposit: there is a non-refundable deposit of $200 per camper per session. Final payment for all camp sessions is due on May 1, 2023.

Changeover weekend fee: $95. If your son is attending camp for more than one session, he can stay at camp for the day between sessions.

Financial Assistance

If you are interested in financial assistance, there is an application that is part of the registration process. Please note that YMCA Camp Abnaki is not eligible to receive Vermont state child care subsidy. The registration deposit must be included with any registration and financial aid application.

Daily Schedule

7:45 – 9:30 am

Beginning of the day

7:45 am: Wake up bell — rise and shine!

8:15 am: Flag raising — all campers

8:15 am: Slingers head to the dining hall to set the table for meals (campers rotate the responsibility of being a slinger)

8:30 am: Breakfast — Campers eat meals family-style with their cabin groups in the Turrell Dining Hall. In addition to the hot meal there is always a variety of cereal, yogurt, bagels, and fruit

9:00 am: Cabin clean-up

7:45 – 9:30 am

9:30 am – 12:35 pm

Morning activities

9:30 am: Cabin activity time. May include games with other cabins, waterfront activities, team building on our low ropes course, etc.

10:45 am: Free Time — campers’ choice

11:45 am: Slingers head to the dining hall

11:55 am: Hand washing before lunch

12:00 pm: Lunch — Campers eat meals family-style with their cabin groups. Every lunch and dinner is accompanied by a salad and sandwich bar.

9:30 am – 12:35 pm

12:35 – 4:45 pm

After lunch

12:35 pm: Siesta — time to rest out of the mid-day sun with your cabin

1:35 pm: Skill Class Period 1 (three skill classes per day with instruction, the same 3 all week). See below for a list of possible skill classes!

2:35 pm: Snack — refuel in the dining hall!

2:45 pm: Skill Class Period 2

3:45 pm: Skill Class Period 3

12:35 – 4:45 pm

4:45 – 7:20 pm

Late afternoon

4:45 pm: Free time — jump in the lake, go to arts + crafts, play ping pong, etc

5:45 pm: Hand Washing

5:50 pm: Flag Lowering / Slingers head to dining hall

6:00 pm: Dinner — family-style with cabin

6:45 pm: Village Activity — head back to villages/cabins and prepare for evening program. Hang out with village mates, play a village-wide game, or relax in cabins.

4:45 – 7:20 pm

7:20 – 9:30 pm


7:20 pm: All camp gets together for a big game such as Capture the Flag, Predator/Prey, and campfires. See below for a list of possible evening programs

8:30-9:30 pm: Cabin Chat. A reflective time that encourages campers to strengthen the bonds of friendship and discuss age appropriate topics that encourage growth and critical thinking.

Lights Out (time varies by age).

7:20 – 9:30 pm

Important Information

For the summer of 2023 Camp Abnaki will recommend, but not require all campers and staff to receive the COVID vaccination. (More information to follow).

All forms are due three weeks prior to attending camp. Please note, this is a new policy.

The sooner you get forms in the better.

We suggest you make a copy of any form you send in the regular mail or drop off at the Y.

All forms must be completed before your son will be allowed to attend camp. If we can help with any of the forms in any way, please contact the camp office by calling 802-652-8180 or e-mail by clicking here.

How do I upload forms to my account? To upload a document to your account please follow the following steps.

  • Log into your online account by clicking here
  • Pull down the “Additional Options” tab at the top of the page
  • Click on the “Document Center
  • Choose the file you would like to upload
  • Follow directions after the upload

If already signed in to your account you can go directly to the Document Center by clicking here.

Doctor’s Exam Form (Form 2). This is a one-page form that must be signed by the physician every year. Once complete, you may mail in, fax, or upload the form to your account. Our camp accreditation requires campers to have documentation of a physical examination conducted by a licensed physician within two years prior to their stay at camp. While campers do not necessarily need a physical every year, we do need to have a new form completed on a yearly basis. We are not able to use a health form from a previous year. Click below for a printable version of the form. This form is not available as an online form because it needs the doctor’s signature. This form is required for both Day and Overnight campers

Click here to print a copy of this form

Link to upload forms

Immunization Record. Camp Abnaki requires a copy of current immunization records.

Link to upload forms

Insurance Card Upload. Camp Abnaki requires a copy of current insurance information.

Link to upload forms

Health History Form. The camper’s parent or guardian must complete and sign this four page medical form within 6 months of their camper’s stay at camp. Please provide camp with a copy of both the front and back sides of your camper’s health insurance card. Please contact the camp office if anything on the form changes after you have sent it in. This form is required for both Day and Overnight campers.

Please mail, fax, or upload your completed medical forms to camp as soon as possible. All forms are due no later than 3 weeks prior to attending camp. We cannot allow any camper to remain at camp without a current and complete health form. These medical forms include documentation of parental consent, allowing the camp staff to provide emergency medical attention for a camper if necessary, and basic health insurance information to be used if the camper requires medical care or prescription medication.

Click here to fill this form out online.



Camper Information Form. This form is filled out annually by both the parent and camper. The parent side gives our staff helpful information about the camper such as fears or strengths. The info will not be seen by your child and will only be seen by the staff working with your child and used to insure that he can get the most out of his camp experience.

The camper side allows our staff to get to know the camper before they arrive at camp. We use this information to help place campers in cabins and to better prepare for their stay at camp. This form is required for both Day and Overnight campers.

Click here to fill out the form online

Family Confidential Form. This form is filled out annually by the parent or guardian. As a non-profit we rely on United Way allocations, public funds, private foundations, and individual contributions to support scholarships and programs. It is our goal that every boy be give the chance to attend camp. We ask that you help us educate our community about the people involved in our programs by completing this form. Your answers will be kept anonymous and confidential. This form is required for both Day and Overnight campers.

Click here to fill this form out online

Overnight Camp Transportation Form. This form if filled out annually by the parent or guardian to indicate how a camper is arriving and departing from camp. If arriving by plane, bus or train, this form allows you to give us arrival and departure information. The transportation form also allows parent/guardians to give permission for others to pick up or drop off their child(ren), and is only required for families that have requested that Camp Abnaki provide transportation to or from camp.

Click here to fill this short form out online


  • 8-10 pairs of shorts
  • 4 pairs of jeans or long pants
  • 16 pairs of underwear
  • 16 pairs of socks
  • 12 t shirts
  • 3 long sleeve t shirts
  • 2 sweatshirts
  • 1 nicer shirt
  • 1-2 swimsuits
  • 1-2 sets of pajamas
  • 1 rain jacket or poncho

*Campers should bring clothes which they don’t mind getting dirty! Please remember that camp will still run in periods of light rain. To avoid lost articles, make sure all clothing and personal items are clearly labeled. If your camper loses something of significance, let our office know and we will do our best to locate it!  Campers should come prepared with enough clothing to last for the entire session, as our ability to handle laundry in-session is limited to emergencies only


  • Hat
  • Laundry bag
  • Insect repellent
  • Sunscreen
  • Body Wash/Soap
  • Shampoo
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Other Toiletries

For the Cabin

  • 1-2 pillow and pillowcase
  • Sleeping bag or blankets/sheets
  • 2 large towels (1 for swimming, 1 for showers)
  • Stuffed animals

For your feet: blisters are one of the quickest ways to derail an otherwise great camp experience! 

  • A pair of well fitting close-toed shoes for active games and general daily wear
  • A pair of well fitting waterproof boots or an extra pair of shoes
  • A pair of water shoes*, sturdy sandals, crocs, or old tennis shoes (slides or sandals work great for the showers or in the cabin, but a sturdier pair of water shoes will make the rocky waterfront a much more pleasant experience for your feet)

*Water shoes are highly recommended for Camp Abnaki’s shale waterfront for both swimming and boating.

Don’t forget

  • Flashlight or headlamp
  • Water bottle
  • An extra towel
  • Your camp imagination!


  • Musical instruments
  • Card games, Magic the Gathering cards, Pokemon cards
  • Paper, pen/pencil
  • Pre-addressed stamped envelopes
  • A camera
  • Books
  • A backpack

Please do not bring

  • Cell phones or electronics of any type. With the exception of cameras, we are a technology-free camp. Cell phones, tablets, e-readers, are not allowed. Cell phones with camera capabilities are not permitted to be used as cameras, even if the other capabilities of the phone have been turned off!
  • Pocket knives, hatchets, axes
  • Firearms
  • Fireworks
  • Lighters
  • Water guns
  • Water balloons
  • Bicycles
  • Gum, candy, or soda
  • Drugs, alcohol, or tobacco

The schedule for a weekend in a two-week session is different than the weekdays!

Friday night through Sunday lunch our staff create a super creative and fun program. Past weekend program themes have included Olympic Weekend, Harry Potter Weekend, Pirate Weekend, Medieval Weekend, and many more. After lunch on Sunday we have Water Palooza, a fun water carnival at the waterfront. We have Chapel before dinner and then the Nidokenak Ceremony (our campfire celebrating campers and staff that have been at camp for 5 or 10 years).

Staying for more than one two-week session?

If your son is attending camp for more than one session, he can stay at camp for the day between sessions. This activity weekend may include an off-site trip for recreation and opportunities to do laundry and relax. This optional changeover weekend has a fee of $95, which covers the entire cost of the weekend. Parents who do not wish for their child to stay at camp during the changeover must pick up their son during checkout on Saturday and return to camp during check-in on Sunday. This fee does not apply to the middle weekend of a two week session, only to the weekends between sessions.

Skill classes

A skill class is the period in the afternoon where you receive instruction in an area of camp. There are three skill classes each week. In a two-week session you choose three skill classes for the first week, and you choose a second group of three classes during the second week of camp.

This list is not comprehensive, as our skill classes may change based upon the unique talents and skills of our staff. Some classes may be limited (by swim level or size requirements) to ensure safe participation. Not every class is offered every session.

Team Sports: Basketball, Flag Football, Soccer, Frisbee Sports, Volleyball, Floor Hockey, Diamond Sports, Dodgeball, Rugby

Water Sports: Sailing, Canoeing, Kayaking, Swimming, Windsurfing, Snorkeling

Individual Sports: Fishing, Climbing, Archery, Skateboarding, Leisure Sports, Cross Country

Other Classes: Arts & Crafts, Drama, Strategy Games, Singing, Abnaki Herald, Outdoor Survival, Dance

Evening Programs

Some evening programs occur every session, while others may change. Some evening programs only occur during two-week sessions. These are noted with an asterisk (*).

Opening Campfire, RISK, Predator/Prey, Dances (with nearby girls’ camps),* Closing Campfire, Capture the Flag, Stock Market, Casino Night,

Candlelight Ceremony,* Village Evening Program, Zombie Infection,* Five-Year Ceremony,* Clue, Abnaki Idol

What are the policies on refunds or cancellations? Please notify the camp office immediately if you need to cancel your child’s enrollment. Fees paid before the May 3 deadline, minus the $200 non-refundable deposit for overnight camp and/or the $100 non-refundable deposit for day camp will be refunded to you. After the payment deadline, all money paid is nonrefundable. On a case-by-case basis, refunds may be made at the discretion of the Camp Director. Cancellations requests must be submitted to the camp office in writing. Conditions for refunds may include prolonged illness or accidents which preclude camp participation. In such event, refunds may be made on a pro-rated basis for the remaining portion of the session. Homesickness / head lice are not conditions for refund.

When is my balance due for camp? All camp balances are due May 1, 2023. Registrations made after the deadline will require payment in full at least two weeks prior to camp. To make a credit card payment anytime, log into your Camp Abnaki account, stop by the Greater Burlington YMCA, or call our business office at 802-652-8180. To make a payment for camp click here.

What forms of payment do you accept? Cash, check, or one of the following credit cards: VISA, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express. Click here to make a payment.

What types of discounts do you offer? Camp Abnaki and the Greater Burlington YMCA offer the following discounts:

  • YMCA members save $50 off their total amount due. In order to qualify for the discount, the child must be active on an individual or family membership.
  • Families registering multiple children receive a discount of $50-$170, depending upon length of session. The discount applies to the session with the lowest cost.
  • Employees of the Greater Burlington YMCA are eligible for a discount.
  • Eligible active-duty military families receive a 15% discount off of tuition. Please contact the camp office for any specific questions.
  • Families receiving financial assistance are not eligible for these discounts.

Can I use state child care subsidy to help pay for camp? Unfortunately the state of Vermont does not license resident camps. Therefore, state child care subsidy funds cannot be used.

Financial assistance. If you are interested in financial assistance, there is an application which is part of the registration process. If you have any questions, please contact Brian in the camp office at 802-652-8180 or [email protected].

My son’s friend is attending camp. Can they be in the same cabin? Yes. Coming to camp with a friend can add to the camp experience. However, only one mutual request will be granted. Campers requesting each other must have birth dates with 18 months of each other in order to ensure an age-appropriate experience. The parents of both children must make the request, and large groups of friends will not be allowed. This is to enhance the experience of camp for all campers, and we believe part of being at camp is making new friends.

Transportation fee. Does your son need transportation to camp from Burlington International Airport or Montreal Airport? Camp will provide transportation to/from those locations for a fee. Please provide detailed information on our travel form. The fee for round trip transportation to and from Burlington Airport is $120. The fee for round trip transportation to and from Montreal is $240.

Changeover weekend fee. If your son is attending camp for more than one session, he can stay at camp for the day between sessions. This activity weekend may include an off-site trip for recreation and opportunities to do laundry and relax. This optional changeover weekend has a fee of $95, which covers the entire cost of the weekend. Parents who do not wish for their child to stay at camp during the changeover must pick up their son during checkout on Saturday and return to camp during check-in on Sunday. This fee does not apply to the middle weekend of a two week session, only to the weekends between sessions.

What time do I drop off my son? Check in is on the first Sunday of your son’s session. Check in time is from 1:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. You will be assigned a check in time via e-mail prior to camp. Please notify the camp office if you think you will not be able to make your assigned time.

What is the check-in procedure? Check-in begins at the front gate, where the Assistant Camp Director will give you the village your son(s) have been assigned to.  After parking in the designated area, members of the Camp Abnaki staff and Counselor-in-Training program will help move your luggage to your son’s village. While that is occurring, campers and their families proceed to the Administration Building to meet the Camp Director, undergo a quick health screening (this includes a temperature check, lice check and general health questions). If needed, families then see the camp nurse to drop off medications or ask any questions they have. The camp store is also open to see or make a purchase.

From the Administration Building, you proceed to your village. Upon entering the village, you will be greeted by the Village Leader, who will give you the specific cabin assignment and introduce you to the counselor in charge of the cabin. Once your son is settled in, you are free to depart camp.

The process typically takes about 45 minutes, but may vary depending upon when families arrive.

Can I drop my son off early? No. Camp does not offer early check in.

What time do I pick him up? Check out is on the second Friday from 3:00 to 5:00pm for two week sessions, and on Saturday morning from 9:00 to noon for one-week sessions. You will be sent an e-mail prior to check out with detailed instructions.

Will the camp store be open during check in/check out?  Yes. The camp store will be open during those times.

How do I send mail or a care package to my son? You can send mail or packages using standard carriers (USPS, UPS, FedEx) or drop them off at camp during check in. Mail is delivered to campers daily after lunch. Please be sure to include the name of your son’s cabin on any correspondence to ensure prompt delivery. Please send mail to:

Camper Name, Camper Village
YMCA Camp Abnaki
1252 Abnaki Road
North Hero, VT 05474

What should I include in a care package? What shouldn’t I include? Care packages are a great way to show your child you are thinking of him at camp. They can include snacks (home baked goods are always popular), including cookies, brownies, fruit snacks, etc. Please include enough snacks in a care package for your son to share with all of his cabin mates. We ask that care packages not include any items containing candy, soda, or other items prohibited at camp.   

Camp is a “Nut Aware” facility. Peanuts and tree nuts are allowed on camp except for the Dining Hall. We ask that you please be aware of potential nut allergies when bringing/sending products with nuts to camp. The Dining Hall will not produce food made with nuts and is a nut free area. Some foods in the dining hall may be produced in a setting that processes nuts (i.e….Hershey’s bars, etc.). Items containing nuts may be sold in the camp store (pre-packaged).

Can I send email to my son? Parents/Guardians are more than welcome to send an e-mail to campers through their UltraCamp account. Some important things to know:

  • We print the e-mails daily at 8:30am. Any e-mail sent after 8:30am will be printed the next day.
  • Campers can read e-mails but do not have access to send e-mails. We encourage both campers and parents to send hand written letters or postcards.
  • You must be logged into your UltraCamp account to send an e-mail:
    • Log into your account
    • Go to the Additional Options Tab
    • Go to e-mail a camper
    • Type in and send your e-mail
  • You can create a friend account so a friend or relative can send e-mails.

Please make sure his name and village are in the subject line.

What is the best way to see pictures of camp? The best way to see pictures is to like us on Facebook or sign in to our secure photo gallery. We post pictures frequently on our Facebook page and on our photo gallery. Our goal is to post a variety of pictures throughout the week to help get a flavor of camp.

Can I call my son and talk to him? We recommend that contact between parent and child during camp be done through letters. Speaking to a parent can cause a camper to become homesick and disruptive to his camp experience. For many campers, increased independence from parents is a primary benefit of camp. Thank you in advance for your understanding with this sensitive topic.

Last year, my son’s Village Leader called to tell me how he is doing. Can I expect the same call this year? Village Leaders call the parents of all first time campers as part of their responsibilities. It is not standard practice to call the parents of returning campers unless there is an issue that needs to be discussed.

Camp Store. Money for the camp store is included in the fees listed for each session, and included in your bill. The amount is $25 for one-week sessions, $45 for two-week sessions. The camp store offers a wide variety of merchandise, including hats, t-shirts, sweatshirts, water bottles, frisbees, dog tags, and more. Campers can also purchase snacks and drinks from the camp store. Any unused store money is nonrefundable.


Health Care

Camper and staff safety is paramount at camp. Our health services team includes but is not limited to an RN and support staff. During check in any parent/guardian will have a chance to meet the camp nurse. While at camp, all medication is kept in the Health Center and administered by the health services staff. If for any reason your camper requires additional medical attention or has an extended stay in the health center, you will be contacted by a member of our staff as soon as possible. If your camper has any medications they will take at camp or if there is a change in your camper’s medications, please ensure they are listed/updated on your camper’s Doctor’s Exam Form (Form 2) or supply a note from your child’s doctor detailing the change in medications.

Camp is a “Nut Aware” facility. Peanuts and tree nuts are allowed on camp except for the Dining Hall. We ask that you please be aware of potential nut allergies when bringing/sending products with nuts to camp. The Dining Hall will not produce food made with nuts and is a nut free area. Some foods in the dining hall may be produced in a setting that processes nuts (i.e.… Hershey’s bars, etc.). Items containing nuts may be sold in the camp store (pre-packaged).

Behavior management / dismissal from Camp

Camp Abnaki views behavior management through the lens of fostering growth within our campers. We believe in ensuring a safe, welcoming community in which all of our campers can thrive. Behavior issues are handled on a case-by-case basis. Campers whose behaviors do not adhere to camp philosophy may be asked to leave camp at the discretion of the Camp Director or Assistant Camp Director. Campers dismissed from camp for behavior issues are not eligible to receive a refund.


Registration for all programs takes place through UltraCamp. Returning campers should have an account from the previous summer — please do not create a new account! If you forgot your login/password, try to recover it on the login page or reach out to camp for the information. All of the forms needed to attend camp will be found in UltraCamp. The only form you will need to print is the Medical Form, which needs to be signed by your child’s physician.

Questions? Email camp and our staff will be happy to help!